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Sprayer operating principles
Date:2013-11-1 8:39:40

       Currently , according to the principle of spray mist into four.

       Bernoulli's Principle: Bernoulli's principle says that in the same liquid , the velocity, small pressure ; flow rate is small, powerful pressure . Fluid will automatically flow from the high pressure low pressure . In adopting the tee , the flow of water to the low -speed flow of air. Water was torn a small high-speed air a small drop ( imagine the tap water flowing , slow beginning , the water column ; but then gradually increasing the speed , it becomes a drop by drop ) . These small droplets erupted since become fog.

       After the high-speed flow over obstacles into small droplets principle: using a thin tube into the pressure caused by the high-speed flow , high-speed water into small droplets encounter obstacles principle .

Situations like the faucet open blocked with a finger . This multi-use spray household structure and low cost.

       Centrifugal liquid thrown principle: a high-speed rotating disk atomization of liquid by centrifugal force to throw to , torn into small droplets similar situation when rotating umbrella

       Ultrasonic atomization principle: vibration can cause the water "spray " , ultrasonic vibration frequency is very high, so it 's " wave" of wavelengths is very small, so it 's "spray " - small water droplets are very small, these small water droplets on became a fog.

       Currently stereotypes produced using motorized knapsack sprayer there , and a stretcher -type tractor models supporting the application of the more common is the backpack , which is the most widely used Dongfanghong -18 Knapsack Mist Duster to 1E40F gasoline engine ( 1.6 hp ) of power , the use of high pressure centrifugal fan , driven directly by the engine crankshaft speed fan shaft to 5,000 rev / min rotation. Storage Tank storage tank is both a powder storage box , just dress up in different parts storage kits .

       Nozzle consisting mainly of plastic parts , regardless of mist and spray both with the same supervisor, on which you can dress up in different parts . Engine and fan are fixed by damping device in the rack , in order to reduce the vibration they produce at high speed moving forwarded to the rack. Mist it works: When the high-speed rotation of the engine crankshaft driven fan impeller , high pressure air blower to produce , most of which flows through the fan outlet nozzle , a small portion flows into the valve, hose, filter kits stored within reach space liquid surface , exert a certain pressure on the liquid surface , the liquid under pressure through the pink door effect plug connector , water, infusion tube , switch to the nozzle ( the so-called pressure infusion ) . Mist nozzle located at the nozzle throat , sent by the fan outlet airflow cross-section through the sudden narrowing because here , the sudden increase in flow rate , resulting in a negative pressure at the nozzle . Positive and work together here by the negative pressure within the reservoir by liquid medicine chest , the steady stream from the nozzle , and the nozzle just to meet the high-speed airflow .

       Since both the flow rate varies greatly , and the vertical direction , so the high-speed air nozzle by a fine or coarse droplet stream cut into tiny droplet diameter at 100 ~ 150μm, and carried by the airflow into the distance , in the carriage along the way , airflow will further dispersion of fine droplets , and finally settling down. Generated from the high-speed air blower , most flows through the fan outlet elbow , nozzle, a small part of the powder to blow through the inlet valve into the tube . Due to the high wind speed , wind pressure , air begins to blow holes blown out pink tube , the bottom of the reservoir to blow loose powder medicine chest and blowing pink door ( the so-called flow lose powder ) . At the same time due to the majority of the high-speed air flow through the fan outlet elbow, causing a certain degree of vacuum tubes in the output pink mouth , so when the pink door switch is opened, the powder can be inhaled through the pink door elbow , lose powder tube , and a large number of high-speed air mixture blown through the nozzle crops.

       Where: disinfection company-specific ( medicinal and disinfection ) nebulizer , ultra low volume sprayer , aerosol spray , etc., making the process more precise, more accurate spray atomization .

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