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Flowers and lawn strengths and prevention of the use of ultra low volume sprayer
Date:2013-11-27 21:29:31
       Ultra low volume sprayer at the prevention of flowers , lawns and crop pests , compared with conventional nebulizer , with fast , efficient, lightweight, cost savings and other advantages. Specific performance is less water

       Ultra low volume sprayer using a liquid pesticide , or simply through the low -fold dilution , and therefore it does not require a lot of water , less medication .

       About 100 grams per acre spraying liquid , rather than tens of kilograms , or even hundreds of kilograms. Therefore, when using can greatly reduce labor intensity , saving labor , uniformly distributed droplets .

       Ultra low volume sprayer is not spraying the liquid directly on the plants, but by virtue of the wind so that only a few dozen microns in diameter dispersed droplet drift , and then in the "micro- flow " effect around the plant , the droplet evenly distributed in the plant positive and negative sides of the leaves and the whole plant . In this way, than adding a large number of agents diluted with water to a higher kill rate pests , especially has become resistant to certain pests , the better. After killing function due to higher than liquid pesticides diluted with water several times or even several times.

       Easy to use : handheld ultra low volume sprayer spraying on the timing of the head remains above the plant height of about 1 meter . Since this type of spray nozzle eliminating the liquid , the liquid in the bottle down out of their own . Therefore, when the motor is not turned on before , the vial should be below the top of the head . When spraying , you should start the motor , then change the bottle and head position so that the bottle down , the body perpendicular to the ground , the liquid that flows out on their own at the top , the bottle .

       When spraying , starting from the downwind direction , come and walking routes should be separated by a certain distance , is the spray rate . Size of the spray rate should be based on the size of the wind speed and flexibility. Wind hour , spray rate should be smaller, and vice versa should be bigger, generally 3 to 3.5 meters is appropriate. Spraying time preferably in the morning , afternoon or cloudy, avoid sun exposure . The best use of ultra-low- volume spraying the absorption agent, fumigants or stomach poison . Dosage is generally about 50 grams per acre . For the amount of water available , " the same amount of law ."
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